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The Company Forms CD provides customizable forms that make complying with corporate, LLC and partnership formalities easy with sample documents, which can be used for required formalities. The importance of these formalities properly cannot be overstated. When that happens, corporate benefits such as limited liability protection can be lost. Unfortunately, all too often these formalities are overlooked or ignored, particularly by small business owners.

There are also recommended steps for LLCs, such as adopting an operating agreement, holding regular meetings of the members or managers and issuing membership interest.

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These formalities include creating the partnership agreement, issuing partnership interest and documenting major decisions of the LP or LLP. The PDF versions are fillable, allowing you to enter the information specific to your company. The Microsoft Word versions can be easily customized to fit your business needs.

The CD also includes detailed form descriptions and easy-to-follow instructions. It can also be added to our Basic Incorporation Service package.

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Share This. Business Forms Templates Comply with ongoing company formalities easier with customizable forms. Order Now.

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Overview FAQs Simplify your recordkeeping Our collection contains corporate, LLC, and partnership form templates that can be easily modified to meet your unique needs. Additionally: Forms are provided in PDF fillable and Microsoft Word format with detailed form descriptions and easy-to-follow instructions.

The Word document format allows these document templates to be easily customized to meet the needs of customers' businesses. Included forms Corporate Forms LLC Forms Partnership Forms Bylaws Notices for director and shareholder meetings Minutes for director and shareholder meetings Resolutions Corporation summary Annual requirements checklist Operating agreements Notices for member and manager meetings Minutes for member and manager meetings Resolutions LLC company summary Annual requirements checklist Partnership agreements Limited partnership forms Financial forms Miscellaneous agreements.

How to Avoid Piercing the Corporate Veil. Are the documents on the Company Forms CD easy to customize?

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Soft padded vinyl for a luxurious feel. Entity name embossed on spine in 24k gold. Blumberg Zephyr corporate kits are a great value. Luxuriously soft, foam-padded, leather-grained vinyl binder available in black or marbleized brown.


Extra-thick binder board. Pegasus is a prestigious corporate kit with steel hinges. The company name is etched in gold on the spine of the deluxe Esquire corporate kit. Traditional corporate kits feature black ring binder with distinctive marbleized red end papers. Centennial LLC kit and corporate kit are prestigious kits.

Heavy duty corporate kits with a red and black simulated leather rod binder and lock mechanism for security.

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The gold-stamped Red Russian leather corporate kit is the best you can buy. The best corporate kits you can buy. Brass finished corporate seal. We often donate corporate kits, legal forms and other legal supplies to law schools for instructional purposes.

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Request a Donation to Your School. Price Complete corporate kit with 50 sheets cotton minute paper Stay Informed.

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    Burgundy Beauty. Brown Beauty. Complete corporate kit with 50 sheets cotton minute paper with rectangular rods.